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WordPress 4.8 is out. However there is little information how WP 4.7.x is maintained from now own. Reason why i bring this up is simple: 4.7 and 4.8 are different from codex (core) level as well. Lots of new features. This means two big things: security and existing plugins/themes compatible with 4.8 version. Why security? New features means new code. Every developer knows this can bring new issues.

Upgrade from 4.7 to 4.8 when it just got released from rc status is littlebit hurry in my opinion. Exactly for reason that it is totally new version. Note: Did chat via IRC with developer and got confirmation that WP 4.7.x is maintained for security bugs. Add 4.7.x updates manually from git

Did several site updates and with one site i got issue after WP 4.7 > WP 4.8 update (actually it’s upgrade) where contact form 7 with really simple captcha plugin stopped working when same time was installed bootstrap contact form 7 plugin. Ended up disabling bootstrap contact form 7 and kept contact form 7 clean version. Dont’t get this wrong. Contact form 7 developer is good and as plugin i like it. 

More about issue in here: http://pasteat.me/view/raw/3a887c15


After that on my new site i hold back with WP 4.7 to WP 4.8 update to wait while plugins developers are doing updates. And they are doing. I see several plugins being updated with notes: backward compatible 4.7.x confirmed. Note: not only plugin developers. Also themes!

backward compatible

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To sum up:

  • if you have time, update at prelive or test environment first
  • wait while plugins/theme developers get updated or verified tag with 4.8
  • wait little with 4.8 for getting right feedback from community.
  • WP 4.8.1 may come faster than you think
  • when doing upgrade to 4.8 make sure backups are done of current WP (also content)
  • also make sure you have latest 4.7.x
  • follow update best practices guide (clean cache as well. with wp-cli it’s simple)

original article up 07.18.2017


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