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This startup web-portal is about review’s of services, products. It’s simple yet effective. Independent. Aims for simplicity, building community who is positively oriented giving good reviews

Content text is hand written by site owner (me). Videos are hand selected from various sources (youtube, vimeo..). Main reason doing this is that there are so many videos online. Comes handy when good selected videos + in that way i give my thumbs up to people who make online video reviews. If i get time i will make my own videos as well. Right now this portal is concept of proof. Started at 2017-05-26

What categories will be added? There is no limit but i stick with what i know. No need to be technology only. You are welcomed to add your own review, give score points, leave comments. In here every article/blog has these features. Using them you are helping also to improve service quality

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