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I have searched for arm based simple laptop for two years in row now. Have kept my eye on Rasperry PI based systems. I like ARM cpu-s and rasperry systems as you can do it your self and they are low cost, more green environment, less energy consuming.. 

And guess what! I found pinebook and it’s a full laptop. Open source laptop with pricetag starting at $89! Name suggests something to do with *book like feeling. Looks and feels very similar to laptops what are designed to be *book like. You know macbooks, zenbooks, ultrabooks and so on, right. The perfect design :)! For this price – it does. It has trackpad, nice keyboard which are very similar to *books. Weight is 1.04 kg for 11,6″ and for 14″ inch 1,26 kg, plus it’s thin, only 0.47″ at top, 0.24″ bottom!




While most linux and perhaps bsd users are hands up and nodding head, this is the laptop i want.. Others may be thinking.. You must be kidding. Will it hold up and last? A: It’s based on single board system. No fan needed for cpu



It has HDMI mini output, USB, 1.2GHz 64-Bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 processor, 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM memory and 16 GB eMMC 5.0 (upgradable up to 64GB) storage. Also has external microcard slot. Screen is TN LCD 1366 x 768 for both sizes. Impressive Mali-400MP2 GPU capable of 1.1 Gpixel/s throughput graphics. Has front camera 0.3 megapixels. Microphone built in, audio output. Wifi and bluetooth for connectivity. For LAN direct cable connection is needed usb to ethernet dongle

What it can do? In terms of full OS, it can do everything what person usually daily does. It has full ubuntu linux distro. Can you play games with it? Well thing with linux is so many games to choose… Depends of game. Short answer is yes

Has huge community support. Lots of linux distros with ARM support. It comes with own linux OS as well. Currently ubuntu. You can choose to have it with android as well.. As you see from pictures, somebody already is giving a try with armbian linux distro

GLMark2-ES2 3D test video by generous youtube user:



Hands on pictures, including official ones (thank you community for sharing):


PS! I do have question about warranty. At their website note: 30 days. It’s right now little confusing. Can someone collobrate on that? Comment, contact.. thx


It must be dream come true for fans of linux and open source liking people. Price starting at $89 for 11.6″ pinebook, they have done it! It’s like when linux was done for those who could not buy unix commercial systems due to expensive license and so on: linux was made! Now pinebook was made. 

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Pinebook laptop
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