Nokia 3310

updated 29.06.2017

Nokia made just headlines with new phone nokia 3310. It’s main goal is to provide mobile phone from old days and give users oppurtunity for simple phone but with very good long lasting battery!

Nokia claims that battery lasts up to one month! Now thats just something else. Even old 3310 model didn’t have battery what would last so long. One month standby!

Other than that it’s simple retro phone with flash light and four colours to chooce for phone skin. It has FM radio, internal memory 16MB and support for up to 32 GB micro-sd card.


Old vs new nokia 3310


Hands on


Don’t get scammed (fake new 3310 nokia phones). Here is video about user who did. He also added how-to spot original and fake one



Well done!
It’s very good phone for price of 49 euros!
Battery: 22 hours talk time
Battery standby: One month
Flash light
FM radio
Opera apps
2G network only


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